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schroef  bitTTAP® is a new innovative drive with important advantages compared to the "conventional" Torx® drive. TTAP® drive is a.o available with the Nestinox terrace screws, "Tellerkop"screws, Quick chipboard screws and the hardwood screws.

The "Stick-Fit" anti-wobble feature enables one handed operations. TTAP® makes screw assembly easier, faster and lowers your costs.


  • Screwdriver enters the screw recess more easily
  • Stick-Fit: screwdriver "sticks-fit" in the recess
  • No wobbling: driver does not wobble and cam-out of the recess
  • One-handed operation: possible because it is stable, no need of one hand on the screw and the other on the driver
  • Screwdriver enters the screw recess more easily

Cost efficient

  • Reduce drive tool usage
  • Improved productivity
  • Better profits and job moral

Benefits your health

  • No need to push, no end-load on screwdriver needed
  • Compared with Phillips or Pozidriv recess, a major advantage is that no application of much pressure is needed to drive the screw, hence: TTAP® reduces work fatique

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