Stainless steel washers  

washerStainless steel washers and axle retainers are used everywhere where rust and corrosion have to be prevented, such as in the:

  • food industry
  • chemical industry
  • ship- and yacht building
  • automotive industry
  • installation industry
  • sanitation industry
  • etc.

Compared to other methods of fastening, the use of these rings offers an increase in efficiency (because fewer steps) and cost-saving (by using of fewer components). Nestinox has also included these stainless steel rings in its range.

Available in various types:

  • DIN 471, washer outside / axis
  • DIN 472, washer inside / house
  • DIN 6799, axle retainer

For all these types assortment boxes are available with differently sized stainless steel rings.

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