Stainless steel tools  

Stainless steel tools are the ideal solution to prevent contact corrosion with stainless steel fixings

Benefits of stainless steel tools:

  • prevent contact corrosion
  • same hardness as "normal" tools by special treatment
  • extremely durable, wear resistant and suitable for industrial use


The demand for stainless steel is rising steadily. In construction, roof & wall technology, greenhouse construction, ship and yacht building, food and luxury goods industry, chemistry etc., stainless steel is used everywhere.

Stainless steel is versatile, looks great and is resistant to corrosion and rust. This makes it an ideal material for use for many different applications. Stainless steel has another special quality. If the surface is damaged, a new layer is formed under the influence of oxygen. This ensures a lasting corrosion resistance.

Contact corrosion

Stainless steel is rust and corrosion resistant. But if in the processing of stainless steel fasteners improper tools are being used, these may cause contact corrosion. The consequences are enormous. Not only does it not look attractive, but it also loses its function. The product advantages of stainless steel are then completely negated.

Contact corrosion is caused by using conventional steel tools. Due to friction, even in the hardest steel, small steel particles are left behind on the stainless steel material. These particles will start to rust under the influence of oxygen.

Preventing contact corrosion

By using stainless steel tools contact corrosion can be prevented. It is of course important that the stainless steel tools are stored separately and do not come into contact with conventional steel tools.

In order to obtain the same hardness as conventional tools, the stainless steel tools have been specially treaded. Thus the tools have acquired the necessary hardness for industrial use.

Result: better stainless steel tools for stainless steel.

Your advantage

  • prevention of contact corrosion; by using Nestinox stainless steel tools, stainless steel fasteners and surfaces remain stainless.
  • because of the special treatment the required hardness and wear resistance of the tool is obtained.
  • cost effective: the use of stainless steel tools minimises the danger of contact corrosion. Any damages and costs are avoided.
  • the screwdrivers are ergonomically designed and lightweight. This yields maximum results with minimum effort.

Available products

The stainless steel case consists of:

  • stainless steel screwdrivers
  • a stainless steel hex key set
  • a stainless steel bit set

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