Stainless steel maintenance products 

Stainless Steel Maintenance
Nestinox has a special selection of chemo-technical products that are used for (among others) repair and maintenance of stainless steel goods.

Stainless steel maintenance products are helpful for many jobs and will certainly solve a number of problems in your company.

Example products

  • Stainless Steel Care Spray: to particularly serve as an antistatic cleaning and preserving agent for mat and glossy stainless steel surfaces for indoor use as well as outdoor.
  • Stainless Steel Spray: a corrosion- and weathering-resistant surface coating. Its outstanding chemical resistance permits use wherever reliable and effective surface protection is required.
  • Plastic Metal ST: putty, non corrosive, stainless steel filled two-component expoy resin. Ideal for providing fast, cost effective and durable repairs on stainless steel parts.
  • Also deliverable: Rust"bump", Anti-Seize "High Tech" (standard and metalfree ASW), Lock, Aluminium Spray, Teflon Spray, Contact Cyanacrylat etc.

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