Nestinox plug U 

universal plugUniversal plug

The Nestinox plug U can be used in concrete, stone, and masonry. Thanks the special anti-rotation wings rotation in the drill hole is prevented and the plug is locked into place. 
You set the required screw length by adding up the length of the plug, the thickness of the object to be installed and a single screw diameter.
For push-through installations you have to apply the recommended maximum screw diameter. The edge distance must be at least one plug length. When mounted near the edge, we recommend that you turn the plug in such a manner that the wings are parallel to the edge.

Suitable for push-through installation and pre-positioned installation.

Advantages of the Nestinox plug:

  • high quality gray nylon
  • anti-rotation wings prevent rotating
  • dampens vibration and sound through soft and elastic material
The Nestinox plug U is available in many sizes.

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