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Stainless Steel wood screws   

Stainless Steel wood screwsNestinox covers a comprehensive range of Stainless Steel wood screws that can be used for a variety of wood applications. Because of such features as a thread cutting sharp point and TTAP® drive, Nestinox wood screws can be used in all types of wood: soft and hard wood, tropical woods, MDF, laminated wood etc. Stainless Steel wood screws can easily be driven into the wood and splitting is prevented. Pre-drilling is often not necessary.

Nestinox covers a comprehensive range of Stainless Steel fasteners for the woodworking industry, such as:

  • hardwood screws
  • Tellerkop screws
  • chipboard screws
  • washers
  • hexagon screws
  • etc.

Nestinox terrace screws, Tellerkop screws, quick chipboard screws and hardwood screws are a.o. available wtith TTAP®drive.

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The screw which saves you 30% of time! Completely Stainless Steel

Tellerkop screwNestinox has an unique screw in the assortment: the Tellerkop screw. This screw can be assembled without pre-drilling. The Tellerkop screw has a special cut-away point and TTAP® drive and can be used for fixing mounting-hooks for Solar systems, fixation of gardenfences, carports, roof and facades fixings and many other application areas.

Click here for the Tellerkop productsheet

Decking screws

High quality Stainless Steel screw! Fast installation, less likely to split!

Stainless Steel hardwood screwNestinox has a Stainless Steel hardwood screw with precutting point and a TTAP drive in its assortment. This Nestinox Stainless Steel deck screw can be used in all types of hardwood parts, has a pre-cutting point and milling edges under the head. These screws can be installed without drilling and have a TTAP®25-drive which makes the screw easier to handle and less likely to split the wood.

The Nestinox deck screw is entirely made of Stainless Steel and available in 2 sizes. The screw is particularly suitable for the assembly of terraces and scaffolding.

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