Stainless Steel Greenhouse Fasteners

Nestinox is a partner for several greenhouse manufactures since the early beginnings of the company in 1979. We understand all your needs when it comes to Stainless Steel Fasteners. Our goal is to be more than just a supplier, we want to fit perfectly, by treating you as a partner.

Our T-head bolt is available in Stainless Steel and Aluminum. T-heads are used a lot during manufacturing of greenhouses. They are tilted into the mounting slots of the rods so that they can still fix many issues after the installation of the greenhouse. The head bolts are available in various sizes.

Self-drilling AISI 410 screws:
The prestigious drilling performances of this screw result in an efficient and effective assembly. Pre-drilling is not necessary. These screws are very sustainable through their special coating and available in bi-metal or galvanized steel.

Bolts and nuts:
Nestinox has many bolts and nuts in stock. These products are all DIN standard, what ensures high quality. From Hexagon head to stud bolt and from Hexagon to square nuts. Our team of specialist is ready find the perfect fit.

In stock:

o    T-head, Stainless Steel A2Greenhouse fasteners

Square head 13 x 10 x 3; wyber 10 x 6 x 3

Available in various heads and sizes.

o    DIN 931, Stainless Steel A2, Hexagon Bolts with partial thread.

Available in various sizes, including custom wire lengths.

o    Self-drilling screws with hexagon and flange, Stainless Steel A2.

Available in various sizes.

o    Self-drilling AISI 410 screws

Available in various sizes

o     Available from stock



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