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We fit perfectly! 

Nestinox regards his employees, customers and suppliers as partners. And as partners we work together towards the same goal:

  • delivering high-quality products
  • as efficiently as possible
  • at the lowest possible cost
  • with the best outcome for all parties

To achieve this, we have developed our 7 P's. What does this mean for you?: 

The 7 P's of Nestinox 

Screenshot 7Ps

◊ Partnership: cooperation towards the best connection!

Nestinox wants to be an extension of your organisation: finding the right solutions through proper communication. This applies to our products, but also to our logistics services.

This will get you to the "Perfect Fit"

◊ Parts: specific solutions custom-made for you!

Nestinox supplies stainless steel fasteners in the broadest sense of the word. Together with you we look forward for tailor-made solutions. These can consist of standardized fasteners, but also of a product that is produced according to the drawing, according to your specification. Think of stamped parts, cold pressed products, turnery, threading treatments etc.

◊ Performance: quality and service at the highest level!

At Nestinox's QUALITY is written in capitals. A strict selection of product partners and thorough input and output monitoring form its basis; a gurantee for the delivery of the appropriate fasteners at the right place and the agreed time.

Working on a better organization at Nestinox's is an ongoing process. By streamlining internal procedures Nestinox ensures its quality, so you always get the best service.

◊ Packaging: robust and tailor-made packaging!

At Nestinox's you are assured that your fasteners leave our warehouses in robust outer boxes. If so desired we package in the form of projects, stick labels on your boxes, compose sets for you......At Nestinox's nothing is too much to ask!

◊ Profit: optimal result for all parties!

"Total Cost of Ownership" is what counts at Nestinox's! We map out both direct and indirect costs! And delivery options and availability are not overlooked! The ultimate goal is the most cost-effective bottom line.

But you also know: "The lowest price does not always mean the best results!"

◊ People: professional and customer-oriented!

At Nestinox's you are our most important partner. Your wishes are turned into solutions that really suit your needs. Just that extra little push. That's what Nestinox stands for. Through both internal and external courses and training we ensure that our employees are up-to-date.

◊ Planet: developing a sustainable future together!

Both directly and indirectly Nestinox is contributing to a sustainable future. Internally we make ecologically conscious choices. Examples are Nestinox employees driving environmentally friendly vehicles, using green energy, recycling whenever possible, etc.
Indirectly we contribute by supplying fasteners for generating solar energy!


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